Big Joy – Liht Blue

car perfume

Flowers and Citrus


Big Joy is a car perfume designed by Luca Trazzi with a sporty, pop and colorful spirit. Made of EVA– a thermoplastic polymer (a soft rubber)-, in contact with the air emitted from the car’s air vent, it releases a pleasant fragrance

Floreal Fragrance.

Notes of Bergamot, Peach, Rose, Orange Blossom, White Musk, Vanilla.

    • Size: 4,5 x 5,5 cm
    • Color: Light Blue
    • Fragrance: Flowers & Citrus
    • Duration: 50 days
    • Non-toxic material
    • Aggressive anti-odor molecule
    • Clip for attaching Big Joy to the air vent included


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