NFT - Not Fake Art

Scented Art Toys

2 Art Toys born from the imagination of the Japanese artist Rumiko Takeda, inspired by the Metaverse, which want to celebrate the importance of the authenticity of a true work of art.

George 2-2

George II

Capsules Fragrance Diffuser, Bluetooth Speaker, Atmosphere light

Design, musica, profumo e luce in un’unica soluzione: George II è il diffusore di fragranze del futuro!



Fragrance Diffuser and Room Spray

A collection born from the imagination of Luca Trazzi and the nose of Luca Maffei and inspired by the queens of the contemporary world.

our artists

Luca Trazzi

Stefano Giovannoni

Marcantonio Raimondi

Rumiko Takeda

Luca Maffei

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