Notes of Head, Heart and Future

We believe in the power of design applied to olfactory emotion. Today more than ever, we believe that true Luxury coincides with a sensory experience.
An experience that we want everyone to live.

Form, Fragrance, Family. And loads of Love

Our Family is very Italian, but also international, extravagant and visionary. We love all design aspects and have a nose for what’s beautiful and well made.  We cultivate and enhance Talent regardless of gender, ethnicity, nationality, religious and sexual orientation. We build relationships based on truth and transparency and put love, passion and dedication in everything we do. To have a positive impact on our surrounding world.

From Italy to your heart.

We want to fill each drawer, room and car in the world with our creativity. To do so, we have given birth to a family of continually evolving, fragrance-characters, made even more special by collaboration with well-known and emerging Italian and international designers.

Don’t call them objects. They’re our children. Each with their physical characteristics. Each with their character, resulting from our passion for design, and for art, fashion, music and travel.

As such we love them all, with no differences.

But for you it’s different. A spark will be triggered with some of them, just like what happens in everyday life. You’ll fall in love with Cesare, or perhaps Niki, or Gigi (why not?!). It’ll make you feel good; for just one day, a week, a month or even a year. But that moment will have been worth living. That instant of happiness. There. That’s what we want to do: give you instants (umpteen) of happiness.