NFT - Not Fake Art

Scented Art Toys

Mr&Mrs Fragrance’s NFT-Not Fake Art Collection celebrates, through the use of provocative messages, the importance of the authenticity of a work of art, not only for cultural reasons, but also because of the huge difference in value between an authentic work, a reproduction or a fake.

2 Scented Art Toys available in 2 sizes (35 and 75 cm) and 10 finishes (5 glossy and 5 chrome). 2 Metahumans, iMale and iFemale born from the imagination of the Japanese artist Rumiko Takeda and inspired by Metaverse and Crypto Art.

Give a twist to your Art toys with a set of scented ears, included in the packaging. iMale and iFemale will spread a very pleasant fragrance in your house!

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