Queen Spray 04 – 100ml


Fragrance with a woody hint of Palo Santo, a Sacred and Spicy wood.
The fragrance plays on the contrast between light and dark: the brightness of the light wood of Palo Santo with its deeper part due to the smoking ritual.

Gurus believe Palo Santo to be a miraculous wood that Luca Maffei wanted to associate with the concept “Too Much Too Soon,” a Queen who wants everything straight away without being able to wait and who seeks well-being through meditation.

Olfactory notes: palo santo, labdanum, cedarwood.

Room fragrance characterized by timelessly sophisticated aesthetic and olfactory research.
6 fragrances, 6 colorful liquids,6 worlds to explore.
All fragrances in the queen collection were created by talented perfume designer luca maffei and are inspired by contemporary queens.

  • Design by Luca Trazzi
  • Perfume design: Luca Maffei
  • Ideal for any type of environment
  • Pleated glass container


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