Cesare Yellow

car perfume



Cesare is beauty, diversity and inclusion. Cesare is statement, identity and self-determination. Cesare goes with Mr&Mrs Fragrance towards a new world that smells of freedom and vanilla, of love and peppermint. Give to Cesare what belongs to Cesare. He will take it anyway with a smile, a caress and a scented embrace.

Oriental, Musk Fragrance.

Notes of Rasberry, Jasmin, Honey, Vanilla Blossom, Patchouly, Amber.

  • Dimensions: 3,5 x 5 cm
  • Color: Yellow
  • Fragrance: Vanilla
  • Duration: 30 days
  • Non-toxic material
  • Aggressive anti-odor molecule
  • Le braccia di Cesare si infilano nella presa d’aria



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